Philip Silver Recommendation

My family had been granted permanent residence in Australia in the middle of 2008. Due to unforeseen family circumstances my family and I were not able to permanently relocate to Australia within the given time period allocated. After visiting Australia in December 2015 I made up my mind that after I finish my final year of studies I would like to permanently reside in Australia, the only problem was that my family’s permanent resident visa had lapsed for about a year and a half. I consulted with the attorney that assisted us with our permanent resident visa, in order to go through the avenues to preside permanently in Australia. The consultation yielded nothing positive and I was told that there was nothing I could do.

In May of 2016 I came across Philip Silver and Associates, off the bat I was pleased that there were offices in both South Africa and Australia. Later in May I decided to make an appointment with Philip while he was in South Africa to get a second opinion on my immigration problem. Consulting with Philip was like a breath of fresh air, he was extremely positive and optimistic but realistic and frank. He knew that the only avenue to pursue was a resident return visa, something my previous attorney failed to mention. At the end of my consultation he managed my expectations and told me that I have a “50% chance of the resident return visa being granted”. After our meeting and when Philip was absent from South Africa I was always able to contact him and his staff in his Johannesburg office are an absolute pleasure.

He worked on my case for about seven months insuring putting the best application forward, ensuring I had the best chance of success. It paid off and my family’s resident return visa was lodged on the 23th of December 2016 and was accepted on the 29th of December 2016 witch meant that my family’s permanent resident visa was extended for an extra year, usually three month extensions are given.

I highly recommend Philip and his team to anyone from any country looking at their options of migration.

Written by: Jesse Oliveira