My move from South Africa to Australia in 2018.

Good day

My name is Wimpie Wheeler and I want to tell you of my move from South Africa to Australia in 2018.  My wife and I visited Australia in 2014 and during our trip we decided to move to Australia permanently.  My first step was to get the right Agent and contacted an Agent in Cape Town as I was already 47 years of age, and this Agent assured me the move was possible.  After R30 000 and year later I only had a CV and a bankrupt Agent, and disappointed family members and friends as I had recommended this Agent to them as well.  Once again in 2016 I saw another agent in Johannesburg who told me you wasting your time “you are too old”.  My wife and I then decided to make the best of matters and stay.

As I am a farmer life became extremely difficult in South Africa, farmers were targeted, farm murders became every day life, my family was in danger, our house was broken into, the Government wanted our land, and even if you reported the cases, nothing was done.  We have a son and three daughters and were constantly worried about their safety as well as myself and my wife going to work.  I had been threatened  that  I would be killed when trying to find cattle that had been stolen.  My wife had a pre-school and while we were both at work and the kids at school our house was entered by force and my firearms stolen.  My wife, my son and I, were attacked at her school during the School holiday.  To date 55 people are killed daily in South Africa.

In 2018 a friend that was my age, informed me that they were moving to Australia and had found this excellent Agent Phillip Silver.  He gave Phillip my number and within a day Phillip had returned my call and started the process.  In less than a week I got a sponsor, and a job on a farm in Queensland.  As I still had a valid visitors visa I packed up and flew to Australia while Phillip applied for my 482 visa.  My wife and children came over one by one as they were added to my approved 482 visa.  From the day I met Phillip and his team they excelled in service as they were professional, reliable and all questions answered.  The fact that I had an excellent Agent made our move from South Africa a smooth ride.  I could contact Phillip any time of the day, and if he did not help, a staff member would.  He is a phone call away.  The only negative thing I found is that it is a process, a lot of paperwork, and patience but you have to be patient, you cannot rush anything.  The positive side is that you have the assurance of Phillip and his team all the time that you will get there, which makes life easier as you start your new life and career.

We are settled after 2 years in Australia and have not looked back.  Our children have a bright future studying, working part time and schooling.  I enjoy my work on the farm and the community has been extremely helpful.  We feel safe and hardly lock anything and our kids enjoy the freedom of working late at night and returning home without being hijacked.  My youngest daughter settled into school and made new friends quickly, as they went out of their way to assist her with schoolwork. 

We made new friends and found many South Africans living in this area and throughout Australia.  Phillip and his team have also relocated other South Africans, as well as family and friends and I can recommended them any day.  They have all the experience necessary and are up to date with Laws and changes to the visa system.  I hope this will help someone with their future move and feel free to phone me anytime if you have any queries.