Australian Visas For Farmers

It has come to our attention at Phillip Silver and Associates Migration that there is an on going crisis taking place in South Africa. This crisis being the continued plight of agricultural farmers in South Africa. We have continuously heard the devastating stories in local and international news, of farmers and their families being viciously robbed and attacked resulting in the victims either being brutally assaulted or murdered. We are able to assist in the process of applying for Australian Visas For Farmers.

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We have made a commitment to offering the best Australian migration advice and service possible to assisting farmers who are seeking migration to Australia.

Currently Australia’s farming sector has had three consecutive record breaking years. Australian farmers are internationally competitive and the farming sector has continuously out performed other sectors. Thus we feel the addition of skilled and experience South African farmers to Australia’s farming sector will be mutually beneficial to both parties.

Below is a link to a document containing the farming occupations on the Australian skilled migration list:

Australian Visas For Farmers

View Occupations List

All of the occupations mentioned in the download above fall within the skilled visa list for permanent migration to Australia.

The visa’s available to farmers with any of the above occupations will be able to apply for:

  • Subclass 186 Visa – Employer Nomination Scheme
  • Subclass 187 Visa – Regional Migration Sponsorship Scheme
  • Subclass 491 Visa – Skilled Regional Visa
  • Subclass 482 – Temporary Skills Shortage

In addition to the above farmers who are not mentioned in the above list ,farmers may be eligible to apply for:

  • Subclass 188 and Subclass 888 Visas – Business Innovation and Investment Visa
  • Subclass 132 visa Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa

This is of course not an exhaustive list of all visa options as there are many visa categories which operate as a pathway to Australian immigration.

We highly recommend that farmers who are interested in pursuing the above visas make an appointment with our skilled and experienced lawyers and migration agents, as they will be able to give you the best possible guidance and options for each individual case. With offices and commensurate expertise in Australia and South Africa Phillip Sliver and Associates Migration is ideally structured to provide a convenient and seamless legal experience in both countries.

We strongly recommend that farmers make an appointment to meet with one of our lawyers and migration agents so we can conduct a visa eligibility assessment in order to create the most suitable pathway forward for each individual person and their family.

Australian Refugee & Humanitarian Visa

South African Farmers

A potential pathway to immigrate to Australia is also through the refugee and humanitarian visa program. The humanitarian program enables people who fear persecution in their home country to apply for a permanent Australian visa on the basis that they meet specific criteria.

The Australian Minister for Immigration, Mr Peter Dutton has confirmed he is already considering several applications for South African farmers who are seeking humanitarian protection in Australia.

If you are in South Africa:

In-country special humanitarian programme visa (Subclass 201)
This visa offers permanent resettlement to people who have suffered persecution in South Africa or their usual country of residence and who have not been able to leave that country to seek refuge elsewhere.

If you are in Australia:

Protection visa (subclass 866)
You might be able to get a Protection visa (subclass 866) if arrived in Australia legally on a valid visa (which includes a visitor visa) and engage Australia’s protection obligations. You would be granted a bridging visa to remain in Australia if you lodged a valid protection visa in Australia pending the decision on the protection visa and any appeals (including to the Minister).

In addition to the visa service Phillip Silver and Associates provide, I also assistSouth Africanclientswith the following –

  • Exploring farming employment opportunities in Australia
  • Exploring buying a business(includingfarms or acquiring any interest in a farming business.
  • Enrolling for farming study courses suitable for South African farmers to study in Australia to upskill their formal qualifications in the farming sector.
  • Moving farming machinery and equipmentinto Australia.

Moving Goods from South Africa to Australia

We have had numerous enquiries from our clients immigrating to Australia regarding Australian importing regulations particularly from our farmer clients who wish to move things such as motor vehicles, farming implements or diesel mechanic tools.

We are immigration lawyers and not freight experts. However, we recommend you approach “Poseidon Freight Pty Ltd” who are:

  • Australian International Freight Forwarders and Logistics Providers
  • Specialising in international movement of commercial cargo and personal effectsto Australia

Poseidon have a full understanding on the Australian import requirements for tools, machinery and equipment

Visit their webpage for further details and feel free to contact them directly.