Australian Visas for Diesel Mechanics

It has come to our attention at Phillip Silver & Associates that there is a serious shortage of Diesel Mechanics in Australia. We are able to assist qualified Diesel Mechanics under the age of 45 to apply for a Permanent residence in Australia.

To apply for Permanent residence, Diesel Mechanics will have to first meet English language testing, skill assessment requirements.

Diesel Mechanic is on the medium term skills list which means a temporary visa can be granted for four years with the pathway to apply for Permanent residence. If you meet the points test,direct permanent residence may be explored.

Diesel Mechanics must first obtain a positive skill assessment to demonstrate that their skills and experience as a South African Diesel Mechanic is equal to the Australian skill level.

Please see below a detailed explanation of what is required for the skill assessment.
skill assessment

If you require professional assistance to immigrate to Australia as a Diesel Mechanic please contact one of our professional lawyers at Phillip Silver & Associates.