About Phillip Silver and Associates

Phillip Silver and Associates is a successful boutique law firm established in 1990. Our offices are based in Johannesburg and Sydney.

Our immigration lawyers provide personalised visa advice and immigration assistance for people wishing to apply for visas or work permits or obtain permanent or temporary residence.

Our lawyers will advise on the best visa/permit option to suit your circumstances and will assist you from inception through to finalisation of your visa/permit application.

With highly skilled lawyers, you are assured of dealing with lawyers that strive to understand your specific circumstances and requirements from the outset. Our outstanding achievements at corporate and individual levels bear testimony to why many regard us as the definitive immigration law firm.

Phillip Silver & Associates is proud of its established client base, representing large corporations, small to medium sized private companies and prominent individuals. Our team of attorneys is recognized by our clients as being dedicated and passionate about our clients’ cases, and that we strive to gain a practical understanding of the nature of the businesses and personal circumstances of our clients.